game designer & 3d artist



and also a 3D artist.



My name is Duy Lam. I'm a recent Game Design BFA graduate from New York University, majoring in Game Design and minoring in Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology.

What do I do?

I love making games, and I've made a number of them, many of which you'll be able to see here. As of now, making digital games is my go-to path, though I do not and will not shy away from working on non-digital projects. I'm well-versed in coding and I can design board games that are fun and emotionally packed. I also create and work with 3D assets. Modeling is my main strength, though I've also had experiences with texturing, rigging, and animating.

Why games?

Games hold a special place in my heart. I've played a ton of them growing up, and they've helped me grow and learn in various ways. My decision to pursue game design is not only my way of giving back to them, but also expresses my beliefs in the platform. The capabilities of games and interactive experiences are yet to be fully discovered, and I'm excited to take part in this process.